DMO Advisory

Business Process re-engineering


Organizations are a complex network of system and processes. DMO Advisory has a core capability in the identification and mapping of business processes. The end result is a clear picture of how an organization operates providing a baseline for productivity improvements and consistency of work practices.

Truly effective business strategy delivers insights beyond the current and future business environment. It takes into account leadership and organisational considerations and maps out where the most compelling opportunities may lie. Implementable strategy defines the end goal and a realistic path to achieve it, and provides a framework for resource allocation.

The team at DMO Advisory works to resolve the complex challenges clients face, often in highly regulated industry sectors, to develop business strategy that combines creative problem solving with analytical rigour and a deep understanding of competitive markets.

We are at our best when we engage with our clients in bold, innovative thinking that sheds light on their strategy challenges and illuminates the path forward.

Strategy Development. DMO Advisory understands the importance of strategy to the organization as its path to achieve optimisation. Our approach to the development of strategy begins with business objectives and analysis of core strengths and capabilities. Our expansive network of industry resources enable us to identify and adopt best practice and develop pragmatic plans aimed at achieving organizational mission.

Business Process Modeling. The work activities of organizations represent the means by which work is done and outputs are created. The identification and modeling of how this work is performed is an important aspect of any business. DMO Advisory has a core capability in identifying and mapping business process and the subsequent re-engineering of business process to create efficiency and effectiveness.

Capability Assessment and Development. DMO Advisory has worked with many organizations that are striving for a maturity of operations. Through this experience and links with industry and networks we have developed an assessment model that benchmarks organisational capability against best practice. This assessment provides the baseline for improvement of capability measured against industry standards.

Governance. DMO Advisory has a strong capability with the development of Governance structure required to support organizational operations. This includes the development of standards and role definitions governing information systems development, knowledge management and business process management.

Business Case Development. One of the key issues facing any business considering is of how to clearly demonstrate the return on investment and measure the impact of business improvement on the bottom line. DMO Advisory has experienced resources that can clearly present the quantitative and qualitative elements of the business case.