DMO Advisory

Corporate Advisory

At DMO Advisory we understand the impact that financial strain can have.

We have an extensive track record in advising clients, assessing and managing business and financial risks, and in undertaking transactions from company transforming events, to asset-level matters. We bring a unique, outcome focused perspective to all of our corporate advisory matters which is underpinned by out extensive experience in corporate restructure and turnarounds. We couple this with access to lines of finance which may not otherwise be available

Our national team works with sole traders and private companies to ASX listed and government entities. We take a holistic, whole of business view to understand the drivers that can impact on its success including competitors, industry dynamics, product lifecycles, profitability and viability.

We take a hands-on approach to helping clients stabilize their businesses whilst continually identifying new opportunities to make sustainable changes to strategy, operations and finances.

When introduced early, we can assist businesses to effect timely improvements that will ultimately save them from insolvency.

Symptoms of structural problems within a business include:

  • Cashflow problems - inability to meet liabilities
  • Directorship disputes
  • Overdraft at its limit for an extended period of time
  • Staff diverted from core business
  • Breakdown in relationships with suppliers and financiers
  • Inability to pay the ATO and employee entitlements
  • The need to sell capital assets
  • Advice from accountants to seek assistance to restructure and reappraise.

Our corporate advisory services include:

  • Business review
  • Business acquisition and sale due diligence
  • Informal arrangements between businesses and creditors

For more information on our corporate advisory services or how DMO Advisory can assist you, please contact us.