DMO Advisory

Insolvency Management

Unfortunately, there will be some situations where a business of company cannot be saved. DMO Advisory has deep industry experience in all forms of insolvency, both personal and company; from small family owned businesses to large corporations, spanning a wide range of industries.

When a company is facing distress, DMO Advisory works with lenders, creditors, debtors, directors and shareholders to determine the most appropriate course of action.

Where possible, we always explore options for rehabilitation of the company, including informal arrangements with creditors and financiers, corporate restructure and turnaround as well as other strategies to overcome financial and operational issues. There may also be a stage through the turnaround process where we need to exit an insolvent company or part of the business.

In situations where a formal insolvency appointment is the most appropriate strategy to pursue, we act decisively on behalf of our clients ensuring risk is minimized and the value of the business assets is protected.

DMO Advisory understands the stresses associated with businesses facing financial difficulties. Whilst working for the very best outcome for our clients, we take the time to understand all stakeholders’ perspectives and expectations and work through all options available.

We listen to our stakeholders to understand their objectives and determine a course of action to maximise their return, protecting creditors’ interests, maximising realisations and managing creditor claims.

When a company is facing distress – early intervention is the key. Too often the call for help is left too late in the hopes that things will turnaround, or that the next job will provide a solution to the problem.

Being proactive and seeking advice as soon as possible makes adverting corporate collapse more likely. As a result, an individuals’ personal exposure can be managed, increase the likelihood that a positive outcome can be achieved.

At DMO Advisory we are not liquidators, receivers, managers or controllers, although we can coordinate all of these services. We are experts in insolvency and we are here to help you by managing and coordinating the process of appointing one should it be the most appropriate strategy for you.

Please contact us for more information on our Insolvency Management Services or how DMO Advisory can assist you.