DMO Advisory


Many businesses can suffer cash flow and profitability issues. CEOs, finance professionals and lenders need to read the signs of financial stress and operational underperformance and take prompt and effective action.

Early intervention is essential if underperforming businesses are to avoid severe damage to their operations and reputations. Prevention involves promptly establishing the right priorities for preserving and enhancing value.

How we can help
Our work involves helping management to stabilise the business, reorganise borrowings, rebuild performance, enhance profitability and build a stable platform for sustainable growth. Our restructuring professionals draw on a portfolio of financial, operational and management experience.

Our specific services cover:

  • strategic business reviews
  • business restructuring and planning
  • performance improvement
  • lender assistance
  • shareholder management and negotiation
  • financing and refinancing
  • cash and working capital strategy
  • cost reduction
  • asset divestment
  • exit planning and implementation
  • debtor, creditor or court-driven formal restructurings.


Our objective is to assist management to work through episodes of significant financial and operational stress without having to resort to formal insolvency arrangements